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Well, to sum things up for those that haven't been around, we've taken a completely stock, mint, 400F and turned it into a nice race bike. Here's the story...




Actually the owner is my good friend Eric Yuzon, a distinguished engineer with an eye for real art, an exceptional if not professional photographer, and an all around nice guy. Ok, I'll take the keys to the new BMW now Eric! That said, he's also just acquired two more 400Fs in various states of condition and that makes three. The first one (above) has in fact been completely disassembled and the frame stripped with the intentions of making this bike into an AHRMA legal race bike. With some exceptions, we've succeeded, to a point. Now for the pics below of it's current state of health;


Please note - these are thumbnails - the real pics behind them are of the best quality, but *huge* so if you have a low bandwidth connection (dial-up), I suggest clicking on one and then grabbing a beverage from the fridge while it loads.



dry-fit1.jpg (208639 bytes)     dry-fit2.jpg (194679 bytes)     dry-fit3.jpg (203715 bytes)

Eric and I have been tasked with the dubious honors of cataloging everything that's being done to this machine, and how. (Don't even think of telling me this is the first you've heard of this Eric!) The Akront rims, spokes, special hubs and forks and rearsets and stuff have all been a meticulous process in acquiring as there aren't too many of these *really tricked out* around any more. By the way, the rearsets are of the 900RR variety. And they look sweet too. As soon as the "parts list" is generated, a report on latest progress will be posted. As of right now, the other three 400F's are being considered for various ...purposes. So lets all give Eric a big hand for the progress made so far and wish him well finding those rare and hard-to-find parts while I take his new Beemer out for a test ride. It's new, it needs to be "broken in" anyway.

Updates; 10/02/02

Here's some info on the new motor: original Yoshimura engine that we haven't really even begun to get into yet.

Frame:      (go below for nice pics of the welds!)

Rear suspension:

Front suspension:


Controls, instruments, etc.:

Brakes & wheels:

Drive train:



Performance pre-data:

Misc shop stuff:

Update: Dec. 31st, 2002 - 

We purchased a few 400F's at Mid-Ohio last summer and Eric found another old tired race bike out in Jersey (I think) and it was apparently a real "Yosh" race bike. He got a pretty good deal considering it had been passed on from one owner to another and the only thing we could recognize was the Yosh pipe - hence the good deal. Well, as it turns out, the top-end and pistons as well as the complete exhaust system were indeed Yoshimura! and all is in fine shape too! 

  1. Completed frame with the alloy tank & bracket, rearsets & brackets and seat brackets.
  2. CBR929rr rearset; brake side.
  3. CBR929rr rearset; shifter side.
  4. I also had all the open welds tig-welded shut. Weld 1, weld 2, weld 3, weld 4, weld 5. Seat area welds.
  5. Here are the tank and seat brackets.
  6. Here is a square, strengthening bracket behind the swingarm pivot. I have a feeling it will interfere with the chain. So, it will probably get cut off and moved higher. Also, I would rather have a round tube vs. square.
  7. Now, I removed the cylinder heads of the rumored Yoshimura engine. Lo and behold, it is a Yoshimura 458 piston kit! Notice the larger "eyelids" on the piston tops. Bad news is that one of the cylinder liners has a bad gash and will need to be replaced. A new one will have to be re-bored and pressed in.



    click this to review a sweet Yoshimura 400F article!

    Thank you Vagn from Denmark!

We've learned a lot about blasting our parts and painting, polishing, carb work and tuning on these older bikes and I think we've really come a long way but actually know what we're doing now.  Stay tuned for more info!

A sign of Eric's undying dedication and loyalty 

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