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First my dad flew out to my brother Greg's "motocross estate" in Rochester, NY. With a YZ250, an XR200, a few days to kill, and square miles of open land ...and my job just HAD to start now.  Then they drove out to my place in Detroit via the Toronto shortcut of 405's, 403's 401's and 402's. A little Japanese food and a beverage, was about all I could bear. All the while I could feel the ticks of time counting down until I could hop in my truck, turn the key and go. 24 hours later it would happen. I've been waiting for this event since the last one. My friend Eric and I decided that we were going to "camp" and experience it for once. So we got a camping spot. I also got a hotel room - just in case. I think this is the fourth year for me - the third for Eric and the third one that Eric and I have gone together . Sun bloc? Who needs sun bloc? We don't need no stinkin sun bloc!  First stop - the gas station in Lexington, Ohio (2 miles from the track) - two mint condition Honda XLs in the parking lot. One of which I used to own. This is a very good sign. Man I love them old thumpers. 

vintagemotard.jpg (36954 bytes) Click on the pics (thumbnails) to view a much larger, better pic.

It seemed like we were there in no-time. Well, I meant to meet up and introduce myself to Mr. Hord, but I never got the chance to. I meant to run into Wally as well. Bummer. Hi guys!. Maybe next time. Mr. Hord - you are very fast! I only got a few pics of you - you're too fast (!?!). 

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J.D. Hord #58    http://www.meccanicacorse.net/   

I heard there were a few other Hawk listers there eh? Krone? I'll bet he was there. Mike P. of Big Dick industries? I'll bet he showed up. I did run into a few other listers - maybe they were just lurkers. Saw two nice '89 Hawks there. A few people on bikes noticed my Hawk shirt while they were riding by and pointed/waved but had to keep going. I can't believe the bikes I saw for the prices they were asking this year - I was afraid to bring that much money with me for exactly this reason - I could have easily spent $2500 and came home with five or six of the most beautiful bikes you ever did see. These are huge pics.

 49ariel.jpg (77928 bytes)  Mach1.jpg (84447 bytes)  ducatis.jpg (1918133 bytes)   blackshadows.jpg (569224 bytes) 

So we keep getting lost. It's a big place. People do that. I didn't meet up with my brother till late Saturday afternoon - and just before my dad gets off work. Yeah. He's been working all day in the hot sun on the track. No shade. You think he'll get paid for this? No way man. AHRMA dudes didn't get paid - or at least he didn't as they let they're workers "stay on the track camping" as opposed to the camping spots I stayed at. Maybe that's just the way Mid-Ohio works. Maybe that's the reason Mid-Ohio is for sale. Wanna buy a race track?

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These are pics of my dad (Bob) on Turn 16 at Mid Ohio Raceway, working AHRMA Vintage Motorcycle Days 2002 races and they are really large pics so they might be slow to load on low bandwidth (dial up) connections - but the quality is worth it. Turn 5 on Sunday was just torture. I can't imagine it being any hotter than that anywhere on the planet. 



Eric took a rare shot of my brother, my dad and I. Um, I'm the one in the middle. And here's another shot of me as I'm explaining to Eric in some intense fashion about some suspension issue a racer seems to be having out of turn 8. Like I know what I'm talking about. These pics aren't too big. 


   DadGeoffGreg2002.jpg (164467 bytes)              Deep in discussion.JPG (14188 bytes)







This bike sure looks like the Easy Rider!

easyrider.jpg (607269 bytes)



Next year, I'll be bringing much more money, a trailer, a bike, a cooler, sun bloc, better sneakers .....



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