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Here are some pics of my old 125/145/200.

Red/Orange pics are the earliest, and then the Blue 125 pics, and then the last is the Blue one with the XR200 engine in it, and street legal at under 180 lbs.


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These are some pics that I shot at the Carlsbad racetrack in So. CA  This was in the mid '80s at one of the early Four Stroke Nationals.  This was long before the '90s FS National race series started.  I went to 3 or 4 of these races and saw people like Roger DeCoster with a Factory Team and Dick Mann and his old BSA.  Some of the Hot Young 2-smoke MX stars would come out to race on some C&J Factory specials etc..


This guy showed up with his homebuilt XL to run against the Pros.  He had a Custom frame and a Carbon Fiber 1-piece body on it and check out the radical intake and exhaust port angles.  He said that they would outflow ANYTHING from the old XL era....  He also had a tapered exhaust head pipe and it ran pretty well, but he used some really thin exhaust tubing and he cracked it during the second practice and couldn't get it fixed in time for the heat races.  Can't remember the guy's name, but he was from farther north in CA.


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