Swiss' Army of One!

Honda XL480 !

Note the disc brake on the primary shaft! Cool exhaust too! and *just* over 200 lbs! ! !

Now this is what I call a Swiss Factory Works bike!

Swiss Says; "Next I will be adding a different swingarm to it and a single shock rear suspension.  I hope to get it to the 210 lb. range from about 218 lbs that it was in the
pictured version.  I would actually like to pull the stroker crank out of it and go back to a stock stroke with a carillo rod rather than the Powroll stroker crank.  Running a 41mm carb and could go a lot bigger.  Some of the '70s performance 403cc engines from Powerhouse used the 44mm Mikini roundslides.  Note the short snail pipe at the front of the engine.  I want to find one of the '89/'90 ATK Thumper gas tanks, I think that they were just about the ultimate MX/Play tank ever made for the thumper configuration.  And my countershaft disk and side-cover mods for the XL125 magneto.  On the other side I also have a trailing brake lever like the ATK bikes used."


Sweet bike Swiss!


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