XL-KSI-410 "Mark II"





Hi Geoff, Well its early enough to get off a little info on my ride. To start you might want to look up Ed Remis on goggle to see my article on the "Kramer Maico" I started out with. It came back with me after serving in Germany . I rode it for a couple more years an then had the crazy idea of updating to this KSI frame kit I saw in a mag. I had an old 76 XL 350 enduro to pull the engine from.


While I was waiting for the frame I went thru the motor top to bottom. 410 piston -roller came set up for mid range power Martek electronic Ignition Mikuni flat slide  Lightened the flywheel as thin as possible. I  didn't lengthen the crank as the tracks around western NY where (late seventies) More Euro style fast an rolling. I was VERY accustomed to that type as I raced in Germany for 2 and a half years. The bike DIDN'T need any more torque! The frame took a LONG time to show up from England---  A Mark 2 . It went from there to NYC then to Colorado then California, Texas, Florida, N Carolina, and finally Buffalo! You should have see the BOX I should have saved the stickers an stamps LOL,,,,  Anyhow,, I originally had Simons forks on it with Fox shox triple rate springs in the rear.. As the track styles changed and got more "jumpy" (?) I up graded to Honda CR250 forks an Works Performance shocks with remote reservoirs. I guess I was a bit ahead of the times riding a thumper an got a lot of "odd " looks firing it it up!  I got the thumper itch from going to the races in Germany an watching Bengt Aberg an has Yamaha Kitted Factory Bikes I would have to say.  It likes a smooth consistent riding style like DeCoster an Weil rode. Definitely NOT a Hannah ride.


Marty Moates actually came over one time while I was in Chicago and took it to a race. He was riding this exact model!  I was just using my bike to get around an he saw it along the fence.. He just had time to stop an give a smile an thumbs up though..  I still have the bike today an been riding it a bit more now that all the family obligations have passed.. Ya know  "crazy old Guy reliving his past thing!" Not quite ready for the old timers class.. I'm 56 and like they say "Ya don't get too old to ride--Ya get too old from NOT riding! 


























Pretty sweet eh?


Thanks Ed! Send more pics!








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