Richard Tett's "KSI"

"Knobby Shop International"

A real Knobby Shop Works ride!

Check out the beefy suspension!

Hi, thought you may like a couple of photos of my Knobby Shop International thumper. These were built in England in 1977/78 for Allen Greenwood from the Knobby Shop in California. The frame has two cantilever shocks and a XL350 motor (now 460cc). The first photo was taken at the Farleigh Castle track in 2004 and shows the original frame builders, Miles Webb (centre) and Howard Fawkes (right), along with Miles' son Paul. Farleigh Castle held the 1978 British 500 Motocross Grand Prix, and Marty Moates rode the works KSI that day.  The second shot is also from '04 and shows Paul riding his Dad's creation, with me in hot pursuit on a 580 CCM. The race was the 2004 Ken Hall International, won by some guy called Graham Noyce...


There's no muffler; the exhaust is straight through. It exits downward, ahead of the rear tyre!





Look at his EYES! ! !






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