Bo Tretta's awesome #7 XL250 Desert Racer

really clean!


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Above are pics of my #2 XL. 1974 XL250. You can see most of the changes on it. Bars, fenders, Vesco tank, etc. I went to a speedo only, an indicator system off a 78 XL, removed the ignition and put a toggle switch in, heavier shocks with stock springs, heavier front damper springs, Re-bored engine but stock. Cleaned up the ports. Getting ready to put a CDI on it and I have an Al Baker pipe I use when out in the desert. This looks the same as my old race pics. of the 73 XL I raced the desert in. The #7 plate is in memory of my son Tony. It was his racing number.

Bo Tretta

Thousand Oaks, CA









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