A Britified Honda, Cafes, Hoglets, a Hawk and Other Stuff.......

In Memory of Bob Beach 1939 - 2005   Godspeed Bob!

This is his site. I am only preserving it. I own it. I have changed nothing. The content is the same, the bikes are no longer for sale and his email address will not work. But it's very cool. Enjoy.




My name is Bob Beach (oldrice@webtv.net) The following pages are pics of and stories about my bikes.
NOTE: March '05---Due to declining health all the bikes on this site are for sale--this is not a panic sale, the bikes that remain will just be shipped to my son--there is a price near the pic of each bike.......if you love to work on bikes you might possibly be able to buy and improve a bike for the same or less than the price shown and you should definitely do that------
unless I owe you money that is the price they will sell for and I'm NOT INTERESTED IN OFFERS--the only reasonable way to ship out of the northwest California area is strapped to a pallet and delivered to FedX--that's probably in the neighborhood of $250 half way across the country and most likely almost twice that to the east coast--most are currently registered and all have paperwork---

There are no metric cruisers or hogs here, just unique bikes that fall into the collectible category and a couple that are of "cult" status like the Hawk and GB..

I live in Eureka California, home of Bigfoot and big redwoods.
We're all weird here, visit please, but don't move here.

Page one----XL250/AJS replica
Page two----Little cafes
Page three-The Anti Hogs
Page four--My Hawk
Page five--My GB
Page six---My SRX 600s
Page sevem---My GS1000
Page eight--My scramblers and a few links......

NEW 11/04!! NW loop ride trip info (bear with me, still working on it)



I wanted one of these..........

This is a mid fifties AJS trials bike--photo was taken in June 2000 at the Hoope classic trials meet in northern Germany.....


So I made this..........

This project was a lot of fun--it started as a 1975 honda XL 250---from a pretty bad barn bike I bought a few years ago---amazing how many guys come up to me at a gas station and tell me they had an AJS EXACTLY like that 40 years ago----
This bike had only 3600 original miles. It was taken completely apart, repainted, hardware replated or replaced, alloy fenders added and seat modified a little to look British..


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