FORMULA CAFFEINE (Pocket rockets of 350cc or less)

In loving memory of Bob Beach 1939-2005  Godspeed Dad!

This is his site - and I've not changed anything. Just preserved it. Content is exactly the same.



Neat new stuff here-- updated 10/05

Lurking out there are hundreds of little cafe fans. I used to have a big blurb here about the pleasure of canyon riding on a small cafe bike and the need to give them some exposure vs. the big "sportbikes"..
I was wasting space--'nuff said, you know who you are--send pics, details if you want, no addresses will be published....I would love to include your bike here even if it's under construction.. 350cc limit please-if you want to answer questions, you can, if you have any, I'll fwd to the owner--
I'm bob, I live in eureka ca--address for sending pics is: 
(this email address is no longer in service)

thank you

This bike was made by Joseph--I love it. It shows what you can come up with without emptying the bank account--according to Joseph he has around $200 in the conversion.

I had a CB360 once and they are great bikes in stock form--with the weight he's removed it should be even more impressive--they have 6 speeds and a beautiful sound and are NOT just another CB350--big difference--not sure why, but it's enough to notice right away--good job Joseph!!







Frog has several little bikes and used to race with a 160 vintage group in the northwest--below is his gorgeous little 50cc Italjet--that fairing is from a honda MT125---






Frog's retired 160 road racer

Tank, CB360t---------------------------------------
Engine still 160 but ported---------------------
Front brake is from a 305 honda-------------
Wheels are alloy----------------------------------
Bicycle type speedometer---------------------
Front fender is from a honda MB5-----------
Matchless fairing with stock 160 light-----
The exhaust---A Bob Strode special and has supertrapp baffles in the end--Frog is proud of that exhaust and if you have a little honda needing some tricky pipe work, get ahold of me and I'll try to hook you up-----
not only gorgeous but fast--I've seen this bike race several times-----well done Frog

none of these bikes are as they were manufactured--for my philosophy on the art of ratwork and how and when it should be done, go to the link below...



MY XL 175

This was originally a dual sport bike--whole front end is from an early 80s KZ200--disc brake is manually operated--top end is fresh with a brand new cam. Pro-flo clip ons and home made pipe--


MY XL 350

This can't be called a replica because it is a thumper, but the inspiration came from a CR450rr that Bob Hansen and Swede Savage rode in the 1968 Daytona 200-- Honda really woke up the world with that bike. Didn't win, but did very well against much larger competition.

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