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Some of these bikes are gone now, and we miss them dearly. If I had enough room to keep all of them, I would. But time or room gets the best of all of us and sometimes it's just time when one's gotta go. Some of these are before or after pics. Enjoy.


Updated 06/26/08

Here was one of my latest additions to the stable...

an '88 Honda NX650. It now has the blue Acerbis tank. This bike's been sold.


I loved riding this bike. It brought back all the fun and adventure of riding again.




Mr WMD. 'nuff said.


GB500 Tourist Trophy. The Geebs.

Also gone now too.


Two works of art my Dad built. "Silver" and "The Little Green Doo-Doo"


My Dads XL350 (above) and the infamous AJS (below) 

I ride this AJS almost daily now. I love it.

One of my Dads favorite bikes. Unfortunately, I think he only put about 100 miles on it. 

Another one of my all time fav's - the infamous Hawk GT.  Yummy. And below, a *very* sweet '78 Suzuki GS1000.

This one (above) is another one of my favorites. Lightweight thumper. And it kicks too!

My Dad built this bike.

I Am A Thumper! - a poem by Bob Beach


These two links are to sites my Dad built. He asked that I preserve them, or take them over. I have saved them the best I know how. This is still under construction so bear with me. I just started. This is where they will reside for the life of Oldrice.com. There are bikes listed for sale that are not for sale anymore, email addresses that are no longer valid, but for the most part, the content is still the same as it was. 



And a small collection of bike pics...

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Right above and below are some pics I took in a bike shop in Furukawa Japan - look at the brand new CBX and Kawi 2S Triples and Brand New Honda 400F's ! ! !...!!!??? These pics were taken in 2000! That new silver CL400 is really sweet. And those little Honda's below went for 99,000 yen - (?) I think it converted over to about $800 USD (give or take). I know that chrome one could go for double that in a heartbeat. Not to mention that Dream 50. Man, that would look good in my living room!!

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I just had to include the pics from Japan. I still think of that little shop up in Northern Japan with all those new Old bikes. I swear, if I was there right now, I'd rip out the plastic so fast it'd make my head spin. And I know that after I did it - it would be worth it. Let's see, should I take the Triple? or the CBX? then again I really liked that little CL400 too...

Here's some pics of R. Lee Ermy "Gunny" taken on 3/29/03 

Hoo Raw!

Geoff & Gunny2.JPG (47395 bytes) Mspeech4a.JPG (11254 bytes) Mspeech9a.JPG (9740 bytes) RLeesigningA.JPG (12397 bytes)

Gunny & I. Gunny giving motivational speech to our Troops in Iraq (aired live!)

(Click on the pics for better hi-res photos.) 

joegunnyjoe2.JPG (51639 bytes)

Joe (my father-in-law), Gunny & Joe (my brother-in-law).

Joe (bro-in-law) organized the whole event and arranged for Gunny to do a guest appearance which he doesn't usually do for "civilians". According to Gunny, he has a few bikes and wishes he had more time to ride. Semper Fi R. Lee! Hoo Raw!!

Be Sure to check out "Mail Call" on The History Channel!



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