This is the story of my Hawk GT. It started out life as an '89 Red Hawk GT (NT650) in basically stock form.

Then it met me.



2/05 - I no longer own this bike....unfortunately.

I hope ...know it's being well taken care of by it's new owner.

Glad it's you Sean!


This is the bike in it's original state...

Check out the pics of it in it's "black state" at the bottom of this page!!!


My '89 Honda Hawk GT - "NT650"

my hawk2a.jpg (50042 bytes)

A Street Fighter


Then came the Oldrice CF fender...

enter...Dragon Hawk



reardrgnhawk.JPG (358300 bytes) dragon hawk rtside big.jpg (1075615 bytes) nice arse.jpg (323469 bytes) rearend.jpg (14846 bytes) MVC-004FA.JPG (13104 bytes) bezel2a.JPG (17217 bytes) MVC-007FA.JPG (14674 bytes)

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 Before Uni-Pods;

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The NCHR Gang!

nchr_grp_shot.jpg (447250 bytes)


My (no longer) '89 Hawk GT

'01 CBR929RR front forks

Black CBR954RR front fender

'02 RC51 Front rim

'01 CBR929RR wheel bearings

'02 CBR954RR brake rotors

Tapered Roller Steering Bearings

Goodrich braided lines

Spiegler Sintered pads

Panoram Digital Electronic Speedo

CBR900RR rear shock w/Hawk spring

Complete TBR exhaust

Factory Stage I Jet Kit

Springs at 8" (baked @ 350 F for one hour)

Needle clips at 2nd notch from the top

Mix screw at 2.5 turns out (doesn't need choke to start now!)

Oldrice rear fender eliminator kit

Lockhart Phillips aluminum turn sigs fr/rr

Uni Filter Pods

954RR clip-ons 

Mich Pilot Sports (170 rear, 120 frt) these tires RAWK!

Vortex sprocket rr

Sprocket Specialties ft

EK Gold chain (520 conv)

Clutch kit w/Kevlar plates and Barnett springs

CBR954RR controls

Oldrice Exhaust Can Bracket (Polished aluminum)

Napoleon Barren TT mirrors (see Scuderia West for these

Polished aluminum rearset adapters

Oldrice Carbon Fiber Tail

Shift kit

'94 Interceptor VFR rear wheel (5.5" width...)

Glossy black tank

loads of details....







It has VERY BIG gold rotors on it now though...gotta love those 954 brakes!

I really miss this bike more than I've ever missed a bike before.


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