I Am a Thumper!


by Bob Beach




My days are done,
but I've had my fun.
The hills we've climbed,
the canyons we've run.

Like that old brown dog
that heard you get your keys,
I too was happier with my
head in the breeze.

And spills, sure, I've had a few,
but I wasn't worried, you were there too.

We had fun in the desert, we
crossed many creeks.
Sometimes you forgot me for
weeks and weeks.

I was ridden in the rain,
and put away wet.
I've never complained, not yet..

Then I'd fire right up and off we'd go,
sometimes to the beach and remember
the snow?

Those were wonderful times that we had,
and for being here with you, I am truly

because I AM A THUMPER!!!






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