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A couple of Jim Monegans bike, my bore kit and valve train components I keep in stock. 

Jim has been kicking butt the last 2 years in AHRMA dirt track on that bike. 

The last nut to put on a bike is the most important one, the rider. Later, Pat. 

I have only one cam in stock on my core is $275. Send me a [GOOD] core and I will have it done for $200. You can also send a core to Johnson Cams and have it done. My ty-top spring kits are $120. Valves are $30 ea. Hardwelded rockers are $175 a pair exchange. Guides are $16 ea.  Seats are $12 ea. 442cc bore kits are $500 all machine work done or $335 loose kit. Powroll strokers [in stock] are $555 exchange [magnafluxed and new cam sprocket]. Shifter stoppers rebuilt $35 a pair. Sorry, no clutch springs, ran out and can't get anymore without buying 2000 at a time. I'm looking elsewhere. More later, got to get to work. Pat.




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