This is a sweet Before & After example!

It is nothing great but I thought it might give others the idea that they can enjoy these old bikes with little investment I bought this non-running bike pretty cheap ($200 probably paid too much), cleaned up and got it running with minimum cost.  I ride it often (partly with thanks to you and the others on the XL Board for your generous advice).      

Attached is a current photo and a before photo.  I replaced the tank with a $15 one off eBay, added a battery, choke cable, and mirrors, wiped off some dirt, changed the spark plug, points, and rear tire, adjusted the valves and cam chain tension, put in some new gas, and kicked it about 50 strokes before it began to start easily.

-Ray Vick

Before...(what a shame)


Now the After shot! (nice job!)





A very cool collection indeed.

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