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One *truly* beautiful XL250

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I purchased the bike off E-bay a year ago last month. (Feb '04) It was in good shape for its age and the odometer had 2400 miles on it but all of that along with the lights were in a box.  The guy told me they had just been removed so I took a chance and got the bike hoping he was giving it to me straight.  I did a compression check as soon as I got it and it was good at 157PSI.  So far so good!  I spent the next four months trying to figure out why it was fouling the plug every five or six miles and finally resolved it by finding another used carb off E-bay.  I started last September with the restore and just finished it last weekend.  It is right now in a bike show this weekend and I've had several tell me they once had one or still have one right now.
As far as the fenders go, they are the original and only had a few scratches in them which was another reason to believe the guy who said the lights were just removed to make it an off road bike.  It hadn't been rode off road much with so few scratches.  I used a body filler to smooth the scratches out, then used Eastwood primer followed by Eastwood Silver Argent wheel paint.  I then applied new pin stripes that were reproductions from Sunrise Graphics followed by Eastwood clear coat.  It looks real good for a rattle can paint job.
Everything black is powder coated except the side cover.  The side cases were removed and also powder coated, not the exact color but fairly close.  I took a risk and sealed the intake and exhaust ports along with the crankcase vent and put the whole engine in a glass bead blasting cabinet we have at work to clean the aluminum.  It worked but I wouldn't recommend it as there is a big chance of getting glass beads where they shouldn't be.
I won't bore you with all the details but it looks so nice and clean that I hate to go out and run it down a dirt road now!




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