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Note: Some of the parts, shops, and people described in the articles listed below are No Longer Available, much less at the prices illustrated. 

Please note these documents are for reference only - your mileage may vary. Note - there is more than 70 links to individual pages on THIS PAGE ALONE!

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Bikes / Pics


Columns / Articles

Caring for a Rusty Tank

Early XL350 Compression Release

"Breakerless Flywheel Powered CDI" 

Electronic Ignition for XR75s

Lockhart Oil Cooler

Long Beach Honda Ads & Price List

"Powroll vs Yoshimura!" w/comments By Swiss

Building a Baja Winning XL

Yoshimura Parts!

Honda XL350 Baja Race Engine

Preston Petty's "No Dive" Front End

Honda TL250 Brochure & Specs

Knobby Shop Parts & more!

Knobby Shop II - KSI/Honda Thumper MK2 450

Knobby Shop III - Rebel Rouser!

Roller Rocker Head - sweet!

Plug Coil Combo!

Thumper Exhausts by Swiss

XL350K1 Parts List - FYI - it's10meg

XL350K1 Parts Catalog - this is 4 meg

Powroll 1976 Catalog

Powroll 1979 Catalog

Powroll Flattrack XL250 motor!

Custom XL350 Frames!

Powroll XR200 Style!

Powroll Plonker - Trials Style!

Yoshimura Honda XL250MX

XL250 Wiring Diagram - PowerPoint file - cool! 

XL250 Dyno Results - Exhausts

S&W Suspension & Set Up

Timing a bike

Martek Mototek Ignition


C&J Order Sheets by Swiss

Vintage XL Oil Cooler Mod - by Swiss

KSI Thumpers CRF450 Clutch in XL350!  

Carb Notes - XL350s...  


Idaho Bruce's Sweet '74 XL350

Eureka Bob's awesome thumpers!

Dave the Motosportman's Bikes!... 

Geoff's XL350K0

Swiss' Army

Swiss Army II 

Swiss Army III

Stans Plan!

Pat Orman's "handywork"

More Orman Art - serious eye candy here!

Graemes Collection!

Murray's Trials Bike!

Richard Tett's Awesome Knobby Shop!

Blair Guineas XL!

Michael Oaks DOHC!

Ray Vicks Resurrection!

Zucks Bikes!

Bo Tretta's #7 Desert Racer

Thom Search's "Royal Hawaiian"

Tiny's Land Speed Record Holder!

Mark Barnetts AWESOME XL's

Brucifers TL250 - For Sale!

Mugen XL350? = MotoArt!

AHRMA Flattrack & Motocross XL350s!

XL KSI 410 Mark II   





Where's YOURS ?!

Dick Landy -

Dirt Bike "TL250 tips" - May '76

"Underdogs Revenge" - Fascinating read!

"Redline XL350"

"XL350 Diet"

"Honda Factory C&J Framed XL350!"

"Cannady Webco"!

"The Magnificent Maely"

"Trick Honda XL250!" Bill Bells artwork

"Bill Bells Baja Bullet"

Best Engine is Honda XL350 by Bill Bell

Glenn Vincents XL250

Mixing a TL250 with an XL350!!!

The "Honzuki" Project

XL Express - A Powroll Build

The Sanford XL410 Dirt Bike

Project Honda...

Project Champion Honda XL350

University Honda

XL441 Honda Maico

Project XL350 Honda

Powerhouse Hot Bike!

Allan Jeffries Honda!

Six Days XL250! ! ! !

Honda XL250 Elsinore. Sort of. 

Motorcyclist - 4-valve 250 Dirt Bike!

DIY 125 - Building your own 125

Building the Ultimate 125 Thumper! 

Cycle SL250

Hop-Up Honda - XL250 

Various C&J and Champion frames

Military XL250's !? - YOU BET!

Champion XL350 Flattrack!

More Thunder for your 100s and 125s

Ultimate 250! - XL?

XL175 - Cycle Guide

Cycle's SL125

Cycle World XL125

XL250 MX Conversion + tools!

The HP500s - friggin cool!

The Red Line Honda XL250 - Cycle World

Racerizing Honda's Thumper





~Resources & Stuff~

WebCam          http://www.webcamshafts.com

Megacycle       http://www.megacyclecams.com

Yoshimura       http://www.yoshimura-rd.com

Powroll            http://www.powroll.com - Powroll DOES HAVE PARTS for our old XL350s!



Adventure Rider   ...Forum for Adventure Touring/Riding on Dual Sport bikes 

Long Distance Riders (LDR Site) ...Site for Sport/Leisure Touring 

ThumperTalk  ....Mostly late model thumpers 

xlintperformance.com ...our friends

4strokes.com ...Again, mostly late model thumpers

www.dirtrider.net/index.php  ...4-stroke and 2-stroke

www.4strokes.com/articles/honda/cr200x.asp  ...Custom XR200

www.thumperpilot.com/  ...4-strokes of all kinds

www.thumpertalk.com/  Chat board for Thumpers of all brands

www.EuroSpares.com - Michael Moore's fantastic site and some of the best moto lists on the net - bar none.

www.ThumperStuff.com - Mark Aplands site for uh...thumper stuff.


woodyswheelworks - Woody is totally into our old thumpers! Woody's Wheel Works specializes in lacing and more - they do SuperMotard conversions for wheels too. Tell him Oldrice sent you!






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Some content also brought to you by Woody's Wheel Works!

The original "SuperLace"

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Thank You Pat Orman for this data!







"Dynamic Big Single 4-Stroke Power" - well said. 




Song of the Sausage Creature

by Hunter S. Thompson - R.I.P.





1962 Safety Rules from Honda;

Taken from a 1962 Honda Motor Cycle Owner's Manual.
Translated by Honda for the American Motorcycle Rider

1. At the rise of the hand by Policeman, stop rapidly. 
Do not pass him by or otherwise disrespect him.

2. When a passenger of the foot, hooves in sight, tootel the horn 

trumpet melodiously at first. If he still obstacles your passage, 

tootel him with vigor and express by word of mouth, warning Hi, Hi.

3. Beware of the wandering horse that he shall not take 
fright as you pass him. Do not explode the exhaust box at him. 

Go soothingly by.

4. Give big space to the festive dog that makes sport
in roadway. Avoid entanglement of dog with wheel spokes.

5. Go soothingly on the grease mud, as there lurks the
skid demon!  Press the brake foot as you roll around
the corners, and save the collapse and tie up. 




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