C&J Stump Puller ! !

...and a XR185?   Too cool!



The one is a C&J framed XL250 I put together in the seventies. The
engine is a complete 347cc Powroll concept engine, Powroll cam, ported
head, 32 mm Mikuni, Martek ignition, CR250 rear wheel and Penton front end.

 Currently vintage race as time permits



The other one is a XL185 motor in a 1986 cr125 chassis, The engine has a
Powroll stoker crank, Wiseco piston, XL175 carburetor, Mega Cycle torque
cam. Run enduros when time permits with this one.

I am currently starting another XL project - installing a XL350 engine in
a 1986 CR500 frame. Not sure of the engine mods yet. I have ridden a new
WR450 Yamaha and a late model Suzuki 400 four stroke and the type of
power they put out is not like the old XL motor.
-James Zuck


I can't wait to see the CR350 when you're finished James!


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